at work

Data... In the workplace, we are bombarded with facts, news stories, e-mails and files on a daily basis. Our desktops are covered with icons, our iPads, smartphones and other devices are crammed with apps. Our to-do lists are ever growing and we never quite get to the end of them. Are you able to keep sight of the big stuff, focus on the task at hand and be at your best?

in the mind

In our ever-changing and fast-paced world, we are challenged to keep up with more and more information, events, friends, facebook and twitter posts, health guidelines etc... How do you take the time to breathe, to reset the mind, to gain the clarity needed to focus on the big and important projects with all the little stuff cluttering up your consciousness?

at home

Sitting in the lounge, lying in bed, standing in the bathroom... stop and look around you. Look at the things that surround you. Perhaps open a cupboard door and peer inside. What do you see? Do you see things that you have consciously chosen to fill your home with? Or do you see all the stuff that you have accumulated over time and not really thought about since? Can you almost feel all the weight of all your possessions on your shoulders?

Through coaching, my clients find themselves again, (re-)discover their purpose in life and make the space to breathe again. They come away calmer, more focused and with a better understanding of who they are. 

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