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Talking about de-cluttering


In conversation with Nicolas Quoëx (21:30): How do our limiting beliefs get in our way, and what have sharks got to do with anything? This one is in French, with English subtitles.



In conversation with Dr Vikki Barnes (18:35): What is positive psychology all about, and how can we use it to de-clutter our negative thoughts?



In conversation with Craig Haslam (22:25): What can we learn from the National Decision Making model used by the police? How can it help us navigate the volume of data out there and make sound decisions?



In conversation with Sue Cruse (22:06): How do we take a brain break and switch off for a while when we are caught up in the busy-ness? And what has mindfulness got to do with the corporate world?



In conversation with Shalini Sequeira (22:58): How can we de-clutter our fears of talking about racism, and how can we de-clutter our assumptions about others?



In conversation with Andrew Machon (31:45): How are different parts of us more or less affected by clutter, and how can certain emotions be sign posts for us to take a step back, to stop and reflect?



In conversation with Susie Flashman-Jarvis (18:24): How can we recognize emotional clutter when it gets in our way, and what can we do about it?



Interview with CIO Watercooler (7:13): What are the challenges that CIOs face today? It’s mainly to do with people and head clutter.


Interview for TECH TALKS (32:15): Taking about all things de-cluttering and head space: