Nowadays, increasing workload and shrinking budgets lead to overstretched and stressed employees, causing organizations big challenges.

Cluttered thinking and distracted minds can seriously affect performance. Where these occur at critical points in the business, the consequences can be significant and cause a real financial risk. Key workers suffering from a lack of clarity can cause a ripple effect through the organization, leading to a lack of focus and a drop in effectiveness.

In addition, unhealthy work patterns like absenteeism and leaveism end up costing UK businesses millions of pounds, and stress-related illnesses are rising.

I have developed a model that helps companies support their employees in de-cluttering their minds, in becoming more effective, resilient, healthier and happier at work by cutting through the busy-ness and focusing on the right priorities again.

I offer the following interventions:

executive coaching / 1:1 coaching

workshops and group coaching

keynote speeches

Each of these services will be tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

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