workshops and group coaching


I run several types of workshops and group programs for different sizes of audiences and in various formats and lengths:

  1. 1. De-clutter your landscape: I have developed a model that helps companies support their employees in de-cluttering their minds, in becoming more effective, resilient, healthier and happier at work by cutting through the busy-ness and focusing on the right priorities again.
  2. 2. Coaching skills in the workplace: Learn tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to take the leadership in your organization to the next level.
  3. 3. Let's talk diversity: Inclusiveness is high on the agenda of every business nowadays. This program is designed to create a powerful support network for minority groups.


Each of these services is tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

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Attended a fantastic focus group run by Ingrid at which she explained her model on how to de-clutter our lives. It was both thought provoking, relevant and entertaining. Lots of light bulb moments.

~ Sharon


Thank you for an invigorating, inspirational and highly motivating session! You really did make the possibilities feel like they could become reality - many thanks again.

~ attendee


I have just been to my second talk by Ingrid and I am amazed by the impact her words have on my behaviour. I left with lots of practical ideas to make my life feel just a bit lighter. I have been able to put a few simple ideas into action to de-clutter my electronic world and thus give me more head space. I now choose the electronic interactions I get and when I get them. No more electronic intrusions! I have also gained a better understanding of what is clutter and what is OK, and ways of making my world work for me.

~ Caroline


I learnt quite a few techniques and I feel the pointers given can really help me with my team. The presentation and the material were top-notch.

~ CITF webinar attendee


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