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changing the big stuff is hard

By 14 January 2020No Comments

I enjoyed reading Nigella Lawson’s column in the last The Times Style magazine!

She talks about being a mess magnet and embracing the chaos, but most of all about knowing herself and accepting who she is. She doesn’t like the mess, but she has stopped beating herself up about it as she knows that tidying is beyond her for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes things are just bigger than us. We have tried and tried to change a behavior, making the same new year’s resolution (that we forgot by the end of January), set ourselves targets (that we have missed), or promised ourselves rewards (that never came). And we proceed to feel bad about ourselves to varying degrees.

So maybe it’s time to stop feeling bad and accept who we are. It’s not called defeat, or giving up, it’s simply an acknowledgment that this is not the time for us to make that change.

And when the time does come when we feel ready to try a new approach, then there is help at hand.

What habits have you developed that are getting in your way? What clutter are you carrying that is no longer useful or helpful?

And if you need some head space to think about stuff, then get in touch and let’s talk.