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4 little words…

By 26 September 2017November 10th, 2017No Comments

This morning, I was out running on my usual circuit and struggling up the hill leaving the park, as I usually do.


When I started this new routine 2 years ago, I resolved to greet each and every person I saw on my route with a smile and a “good morning”. Even if they looked deep in thought, or grumpy, or were avoiding eye contact. It costs me absolutely nothing and it can make someone’s day to be acknowledged, so I have stuck with the habit and just held firm with the belief that my red face would not scare anyone too much.


Back to this morning and to my uphill effort. I could see someone walking towards me so I smiled and gave my usual “good morning”. The response was a smile and an enthusiastic “almost there, keep going”! And when I looked up, I found that I was indeed already two thirds of the way there. I smiled to myself and hardly noticed the rest of the hill. Hearing that small encouragement had given me wings.


Those 4 words from a complete stranger had given me something that made the struggle go away and made me happy. He had made my day, and now I want to do some of that too.


How about you?


Who can you give a few words of encouragement to today?