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a walk in the woods

By 03 June 2019No Comments

Last week I had a walking meeting with a colleague in some local woods. It was a real treat to be out in the sunny weather!

We set out on a trail that was marked with posts like these. Even though they were set at regular intervals, we still had a few spots where we were unsure of which way to turn. So it was always a reassurance to encounter an orange-topped post again, it made us feel safe and that we were on the right track.

Sometimes, our paths aren’t quite as well marked out, or they are not marked out at all. Or perhaps we don’t know what the markers look like, so we are unsure of which track to follow. And if we are navigating our path alone, we feel even more exposed.

If you are looking for your markers amidst the clutter, get in touch and let’s walk some of your path together.