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chronos or kairos?

By 25 February 2022April 25th, 2022No Comments

It’s Friday again, and another week has gone by! We often talk about the passing of time, how it’s too fast, or too slow, or how we can’t quite fit everything in that we would like.

In the first module of my de-clutter course, we de-clutter the diary to create time and energy for the rest of the program. And one of the things that I talk about is kairos.

Alongside “chronos” (the chronological time that passes), the ancient Greeks had another term for time, which they called “kairos”. Kairos is the opportune time for doing something, the moment when everything aligns and it feels just right.

How much do you pay attention to your energy level throughout the day/week/month and notice when might be a good time for you to carry out specific tasks?