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I can see the sea!

By 23 February 2018No Comments

Today I attended a great workshop on resilience. I learned a number of new things, and as an additional treat it was held in Whitstable. (I actually gave a little shriek of delight when I went over the top of the hill and the sea appeared in the distance.)

I always enjoy traveling to different places, and I hadn’t been to the North Kent coast for quite a while. Though it is only about an hour’s drive away, it still feels different from my home town and I returned this evening with a sense of having been further afield than I actually was.

We don’t have to go very far to get a change of scenery, and the old adage “a change is as good as a rest” does actually hold true. When we get stuck in a situation, taking ourselves elsewhere physically allows us not only to re-energize, but also to take a different perspective and literally see things in a new way.

So next time you can’t see the way forward anymore, try taking yourself into a different space and see what the situation feels like from there. Go ahead, give it a try!