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is now a good time?

By 19 January 2023No Comments

It’s a funny old time of year, January. From “Blue Monday” to the doom and gloom of the world, endless grayness and rain and long nights, our energy levels are probably not at their peak.


Add to that all the talk of New Year’s resolutions, plans for self-improvements or ambitious goals that we can’t quite bear to think about right now… our environment and external pressures can easily make us feel inadequate.


It’s a new year! Let’s embrace new beginnings! Yes. But it’s also winter. Nature hibernates at this time of year. It folds in on itself and retreats in order to rest and recharge in preparation for springtime.


I can’t help but think that we might do well to follow the wisdom of nature, and defer our grand plans by 2 or 3 months. The days will be longer, springtime and renewed energy will be in the air, and our own energy levels will follow.


When we try to do things and they seem more difficult than they should be, one of the reasons for this might simply be timing. I have written about this concept of Kairos before, which the ancient Greeks used to describe the opportune time for doing something, the moment when everything aligns and feels just right.


I feel that timing is a very important consideration when we set about leading our lives, and right now I feel the need to de-clutter my assumptions and beliefs around what I should be doing at the moment, and instead pay attention to what I have the energy for right now. And that includes not only activities, but also people.


People are a huge influence on our energy levels. They either feed us or drain us. Being choiceful and intentional about who we surround ourselves with, and when, will have a great impact on how we feel in general.


I will mark my diary to finalize my plans for 2023 in March, and prioritize downtime this month. How about you?


If you want help de-cluttering some of your assumptions and beliefs, get in touch and let’s talk.