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laughter or asparagus: which do you want to be remembered by?

By 06 August 2019No Comments

Many of us will have come across the idea in one form or another of our legacy, of what we want to be remembered for, or what we want to see inscribed on our gravestone. It is a rather impactful way of taking perspective and seeing the bigger picture!

I recently came across 2 different reminders: one in a graveyard in Defynnog, Wales, and the other in the White Cube gallery in London. The artist Des Lawrence makes paintings inspired by newspaper obituaries, and his painting of fresh asparagus commemorates the chef Paul Bocuse.

It is so easy to get caught up in the small stuff, the firefighting, rushing from one thing to the next. Taking the time to think about the bigger stuff feels like just another item on the task list, and we rarely make the time for it.

Yet it is precisely at this point that creating some thinking time is the most useful, and needed! Perhaps a quieter summer month will give some opportunity for reflection? And if you need a thinking partner, get in touch.

What do you want to be remembered for?