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on diversity…

By 08 February 2019No Comments

Last week I spent some time hanging out at the Institute of Engineering and Technology for a little while and this poster caught my eye.

AI is all around us and like many I feel ambivalent towards the steady advances of technology.

Earlier this week I was at a talk about ‘How we make decisions that matter’ by Steven Johnson. Of course the topic of AI came up and the impact of decisions made by machines.

He also talked about the importance of the diversity of a group making any decision, in order to boost creativity and identify as many risk factors as possible.

We also know that when we talk about diversity now, we no longer only mean a male/female representation but a spread of religion, age, background, etc…

The new concept for me however was to consider AI as just another form of diversity.

As per my earlier post, we can get stuck in binary scenarios when making decisions. In the AI debate, I was thinking in terms of machines replacing humans, an idea that does not sit very comfortably with me.

A much happier thought for me is the idea that AI can sit alongside people and be a helpful resource.

What are your thoughts in this space?