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time for a system update?

By 17 June 2019No Comments

Another day, another tech conference in a fabulous building! This was Bloomberg’s Sooner Than You Think in Central Hall Westminster, looking at the tech industry as a whole both in the UK and globally.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond was one of the many speakers, and he covered how the UK government supports the start-up industry, how Brexit might impact it, and also that skills shortage is a global concern.

He also spoke about the current market economy and competition, and how these systems were designed originally to serve the consumer. And if they stopped doing so, the system needed to evolve and change.

This was a useful reminder to look at the systems that we have created for ourselves and that we are operating in, and if they don’t serve us anymore, to adjust them.

If you are stuck in your system, get in touch and let’s de-clutter what is no longer useful.