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seeing the world differently

By 11 March 2020No Comments


This cool building on Aldgate Square caught my eye as I was walking past. I couldn’t help standing beneath the glass panels and looking at the world from there!

Looking one way, my view was framed by strong lines and taking on a new shape. Turning a different way, I was looking at my surroundings through orange and yellow filters, giving everything a completely different hue. I enjoyed standing still for a while and just looking around me before continuing on to my next meeting.

Pausing in this space made me take in the world around me differently. Everything else was still the same, but I felt different standing under the panels.

The space we are in changes how we feel, see, think. It matters.

So when we are working in a space that doesn’t feel right, it affects our decision-making and the quality of our work. Whether it is too much clutter, no clutter at all, or the wrong kind of clutter, all of these will affect our minds and have an impact on us.

What space are you in when you are working? And is it conducive to you doing your best work?

And if you want a thinking partner to help you work through the clutter, get in touch and let’s talk.