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what’s in your box?

By 08 March 2023No Comments


Usually, my clients come to work with me because they want to reach a particular goal and want to create space for a specific project.


What I have noticed lately though is less an ambition to achieve something, and more a simple desire to speak what is on the mind and in the heart. My clients are carrying something that they need to voice, to speak out into the world in a safe space without judgment.


This thing that they need to speak is either something they have carried for a long time and is familiar, or something that is fairly new and seems scary, or something that used to be small and seemingly insignificant and has now morphed into a new shape.


In all cases, my clients rationalize and minimize this thing that preoccupies them, it is their coping mechanism to try and make it small so that it doesn’t consume them altogether.


But shutting something into a box in the corner is rarely a solid long-term strategy. This thing in the box, all the while we try to ignore and suppress it, will control us on a subconscious level, even when we think we’ve successfully stored it away.


So what do we do with it? When the time is right and we feel up to it, we take a peek, we unpack it and take a good old look at it. Each one of my clients has said that they felt lighter after opening their box and voicing its content.


To simply be able to speak what is troubling us can in itself be quite cathartic. Why it seems that this is what my clients need at the moment can be down to many factors (wanting to move into spring with less baggage, a decrease in social interactions post-covid, a lack of time to think, etc…) and my role is one of being a witness to their stories and lives.


And what an honor that is.


If you would like a judgment-free space to voice your thoughts, get in touch and let’s talk.