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By 17 November 2017No Comments

… that’s the target I had set myself.

Since my running buddy had to give up due to injury, and then my husband due to the return to a commuter life, I found myself on my lonesome for my morning runs. And I knew that I was going to struggle to motivate myself. Especially as we were heading into the winter months.

So I decided that I needed to find an incentive. A reward that would motivate me enough to go out there when it was cold and I would far rather stay inside.

I settled on something that felt like a luxury and a treat: a massage.

I determined that 10 runs would be a good number to achieve in order to deserve my reward. And today I hit that number! I will enjoy my treatment fully, thinking of what I had to do to in order to have it, and feeling proud for having achieved it. And the counter starts again next week!

Finding rewards are a great way to motivate ourselves and others. And so are celebrations of things achieved, whether big or small! We often forget to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come, as we are already caught up in the next whirlwind.

What can you celebrate today?