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By 10 November 2017April 21st, 2018No Comments

Being outside helps us shift our perspective and gain some distance from what goes on in our daily lives. So for today’s coaching session, I took my client for a walk in the fields to enjoy some autumn sunshine.

We came across these mushrooms and they are such a great illustration of what happens in our heads when we have too much going on.

All these things that need our attention end up crowding our thinking. We can’t see clearly anymore and get lost in the complexity of it all.

Like each individual mushroom, every task is competing for our time and energy. And we are left exhausted, not know which one to turn to first, and not doing any of them as well as we would like.

Maybe it’s time to take some of them out and give the others the space to grow.

What can you stop doing today to give yourself more space to breathe?