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the traveller

By 21 April 2018No Comments

This afternoon I stopped in an art gallery as I had some spare time and saw this bronze statue (Mlle Abattu by Bruno Catalano). She was one of many similar figures that all really struck me.

The collection was inspired by the artist's departure from his birthplace Morocco and his journey to France. All the figures carry baggage into their new life, but have left large parts of themselves in their homeland. Inside, they are hollow. I wonder how long it might take for them to feel whole again?

I suppose this strikes a chord with me because I have journeyed from place to place too and sometimes also feel like a part of me isn't quite complete wherever I am.

But it also makes me wonder what we really need to take with us as we move through life.

If you had only one small bag to carry along, what would you fill it with?

And what else do you carry around every day that is unnecessary?