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need a good excuse to de-clutter? here’s one!

By 21 April 2018May 14th, 2018No Comments

We all go through life accumulating stuff.

We collect physical things that we can see around us, but also mental clutter and emotional clutter, which is less visible and therefore we don’t pay it as much attention. But it’s still there.

These different types of clutter are very much interlinked, so if you want to start somewhere, the physical clutter is a great place to begin with. And if you’re lacking the motivation, look at events near you that might help you focus.

In my local area, I’ve created a town-wide Yard Sale ( to encourage de-cluttering. It’s a great way to have a goal to work towards as well as making it fun by getting the whole family involved.

It might seem overwhelming sometimes, not knowing quite where to start. The important thing is to actually take a first step, however small it may be. I often suggest starting by taking away 3 items at a time, and not trying to tackle the whole lot in one go. Little by little, progress will be made and will become visible.

And once the physical clutter is reduced, the mental and emotional space will follow.

So which 3 items can you remove today?