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about frenzy, overwhelm, patients and patience…

By 17 September 2019No Comments

One of the things that I am involved with in my local community is chairing the Patient Participation Group of my GP surgery.

Earlier this month I attended a conference to meet other PPG chairs and various NHS representatives, and to learn from others’ experiences and ideas.

The thing that struck me was how overworked and overwhelmed most if not everyone working in the public health care sector is. And as a result, there is absolutely no head space to stop and think, to re-energize, be creative and patient in times of stress. And often, patience is exactly what the patients need!

When our brains are cluttered and overflowing, stopping to think is probably the single most effective thing to be doing right now.

Are you in a frenzy of activity and overwhelm, feeling that things are busier than they have ever been? And are you wondering how much longer you can keep going like this? Then get in touch and let’s start de-cluttering.