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all aboard! or not…

By 14 June 2024No Comments


Last week, I took one short-haul flight and a total of 18 trains!


Many of those trains were unreliable and running late, causing mayhem for connections. On all of those trains, I spent my entire time checking the announcements, my phone for updates, and generally wasted my attention on keeping up with the disruptions.


When the trains ran smoothly and on time, I could sit back and enjoy reading my book.


When our environment is uncertain and unpredictable, all of our energy and attention gets sucked into simply managing to stay afloat and keeping on track.


When our environment is predictable and reliable, we can relax into what we actually want to do and we are in control of our focus and attention.


What work environment are you creating for yourself and your staff and how does it affect your and their effectiveness?


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