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what is success, really?

By 30 April 2024No Comments


Let’s talk about money. It is what we spend much of our time thinking about, and it’s often what drives our decisions. And it’s also what we seem to be using routinely as a measure of our success.


I have recently had a few coaching sessions with clients who found that they were stuck in a career/role that they considered lesser in some way. They compared themselves to others (friends, colleagues, random people on LinkedIn) and felt that they were failing because of their bank balance.


They then proceeded to tell me about all the good things about their life, things that somehow didn’t feature in their evaluation of success. Once I pointed this out to them, they realized what riches they already had and were able to recognize these alongside their financial measure.


Did it immediately change their life? No.


Did it give them a different perception of themselves and de-clutter some unhelpful inner chatter? Most definitely.


And as an extra bonus, it reminded me to pay more attention to what I already have too rather than focusing on what I perceive is still lacking.


So what is your mind chatter telling you about what your success should look like?


If you want to explore this further, 👉 get in touch and let’s chat.