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all that shines…

By 06 November 2018December 7th, 2018No Comments

On my way to the station the other morning I noticed this rug in the window of my local department store. It shone golden in the autumn sun, and only when I looked closer did I notice the design: it was a new rug masquerading as an old, worn and threadbare one.

It made me think of the new IT systems that are deployed for users. From a distance they look beautiful and shiny, but upon closer inspection they don't quite live up to expectations.

Their intricacies and complexities had to be rushed due to time and budget pressures, and the frustration of all involved can create a really toxic atmosphere.

As a senior leader, how do you keep your teams motivated to give their best in an environment where they simply don't have the resources to deliver a satisfying job?

And when you are feeling the pressure too, how do you keep a focused mind to support your teams effectively?

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