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creating space for connections

By 30 April 2024No Comments


I have been reminded a few times recently of the importance of connections. I don’t mean the type of connection that you might enlist for a job or a favor, but the type of connection that enriches us on a more meaningful level.


We humans are social beings, even though we might have different preferences in how we interact with others. One of the key components of happiness is socializing in whatever form suits us. I have now been thanked repeatedly for simply spending some time with someone, as if it was something out of the ordinary.


Reflecting for myself on what drives me, I found that just connecting with others was a reason enough to want to have a conversation. And I have more often than not learned something new in each interaction too, which is also a joy.


Today, whilst preparing the content of a keynote with a client, we spoke about the need for organizations to create space for their staff to have more informal coffee-machine type interactions. In our world of digital meetings, a whole layer of connection has disappeared, leaving us more solitary and insular, and ultimately less engaged in our work, our community, our life.


So let’s all de-clutter our diaries a bit to create space for the small talk, the little conversations that give us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. It will make us all happier.


And if you want some help with this, 👉 get in touch and let’s chat.