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emotional clutter and the Chinese New Year

By 25 January 2020No Comments

A little while back, I visited the moon exhibition at the National Maritime museum in Greenwich. It had a whole section on how the moon influenced civilizations and their beliefs for millenia. This one item particularly struck me.

It is an ancient Chinese lunar almanac, dated 877 CE, which according to Chinese tradition should be treated with great respect. It is also very rare, because the custom was that old versions should be burnt to release their powers back to the moon.

Now this just fascinates me! Of course, we would probably want to keep our memories from past years. But imagine if we could relinquish the power that the emotions attached to these memories have on us!

Our emotional clutter weighs us down just as much as our physical clutter and our mental clutter. Our emotions affect how we feel towards others, our relationships with them, and influence our decisions every day.

As a senior leader, what are your strategies to engage with your emotions and those of your teams, and how do you utilize them rather than letting them have power over you?

And if you would like a thinking partner to untangle your emotional clutter, get in touch and let’s talk.