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to build or not to build?

By 23 January 2020No Comments

I attended an interesting and thought-provoking panel discussion this evening, on not building tech if you don’t need to.

The views of course diverged at times, but there was an overall agreement that developments should be driven by a bigger over-arching purpose of the business, rather than implementing small tactical solutions to jump on various trends and band wagons (big data, blockchain or AI anyone?).

The advice was to keep asking why a solution needed to be built, what was its purpose and who was it trying to reach. Rather good advice for a number of other decisions too!

Very often our judgment is clouded by an overload of information, opinions and a heap of other data. De-cluttering our brains, going back to basics and keeping our landscape simple is what will make us significantly more effective.

So if you are looking for a thinking partner to work through your mental clutter and help you make the right decisions, get in touch and let’s talk.