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setting new expectations

By 09 July 2021April 25th, 2022No Comments

Something odd has been happening to me lately.

As more businesses have been opening up again and our lives have started becoming busier, I have had a few days recently which could be described as “pre-covid normal” in terms of activity.

Except that I have begun to notice a pattern: those days have left me completely exhausted. The fall-out is usually that I am totally lethargic the following day and that I need recovery time.

It dawned on me that I was expecting to go right back to my previous life and activity habits without giving any thought to the impact that 18 months of various degrees of lockdown or disruption could have had on me.

It was time to re-visit and de-clutter those expectations, and think about new expectations that I could have instead to build up my energy, stamina and resilience again.

What are you noticing? How is your resilience level at the moment and what expectations could you de-clutter in terms of what you should be able to achieve at the moment?

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