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tool: the battery pack

By 09 August 2022January 16th, 2023No Comments

We all know about the importance of resilience, about the need to look after ourselves before we can look after others, and how essential it is to take some down time to replenish.

And then again, how often do we go and take a nap when we are exhausted mid-afternoon? Or log off at 5pm for a change and have an evening off?

One of the symptoms of overwhelm and feeling stuck is a state of low energy. We feel drained by the effort of just trying to keep thinking straight and functioning in a world of distractions and demands on our attention.

Alongside our measure of how much time we have in the day is that of what our energy level is for any particular activity. We might have blocked out the time for it in our diary, but we might not have the energy required to carry out that task as well as we would like to come the given time slot.

Our energy levels need our attention and the more familiar we are with what feeds and what drains our batteries, the more effective we will be at executing our plans. So let’s pay attention to the clutter in our diaries and landscape and make some choices if it is not serving us anymore.


  • Notice what or who gives you energy throughout the day, and what or who drains you. What or who needs de-cluttering?
  • Where is your usual average point and is it where you want it to be?
  • Is there anything that causes a short circuit?
  • What changes could you make to replenish your batteries more often?

Pay attention to your battery pack and make sure you recharge it regulary.

Happy de-cluttering!