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tool: the pizza

By 02 August 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Whatever our preferred toppings, the pizza is a food that we are all very familiar with.

And what does pizza have to do with de-cluttering?!

Well, it’s a handy analogy to help us deal with the overwhelm of all our stuff. Very often, when we have too much going on in our head, or when our diaries are full to bursting and all we are doing is rushing around all day, we don’t know where to start with creating some space.

So let’s see how the pizza can help us.

Whether we are eating it in a restaurant, having it delivered to our homes, or making it ourselves, the way we eat it is always the same: we start by cutting up slices, and then we eat each slice one bite at a time. Only in very exceptional circumstances would we attempt to pick up the whole thing and put it into our mouth at once!

And so it is also when we are stuck in our clutter and don’t know where to start.

We can’t do it all at once, so we need to find ways of first slicing it up and then taking out bites. How we slice it might change from one type of clutter to another, or from one person to another. So experiment and see how you can create slices to break down your clutter into smaller groups.

Some people will start by dividing up the whole pizza at once and then start eating. Others might cut one slice at a time and eat that before taking to the cutter again. Some people might like perfectly equal slices and others might be more artistic with their cutting. Whatever works for you is perfect.


Looking at the entirety of your clutter that is overwhelming you:

  • identify what slices you can cut it up into
  • break each slice into smaller bites to start making your way through it.

The main thing is: make a start today.

Happy de-cluttering!