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what’s your plan?

By 29 October 2019No Comments

Today, I met a client who I have been working with for a while. He was on to see his financial adviser after our meeting to discuss planning for his pension. This in itself is not that unusual.

What is a bit more unusual is how very different this is from where he was one year ago. Back then, he was in debt and was suffering from considerable stress and worry over whether he would be able to make ends meet every month.

In our work together, he came to make the decision to sell a treasured item in order to settle the debt. This was not an easy choice as his head and heart were pulling him into two different directions. But nevertheless it was a choice, and one that changed everything.

Now that the mental clutter and the stress of his financial worries are gone, he is in a place where he is able to look into the future and plan what he wants for himself. He is no longer feeling stuck in a situation which he has no control over.

Clearing the clutter gave him the freedom to move forward. What clutter is holding you back? And where would you go if you were released from it?

If you feel stuck too, get in touch and let’s talk.