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By 29 November 2018December 7th, 2018No Comments


At the National Portrait Gallery for a quick visit before a meeting today, this picture stopped me in my tracks.

At first glance it looked like a photograph, but the label stated that it was oil on canvas. Wow! I was really drawn to it and studied the painting for a while.

Even on close inspection, the detail was incredible, a genre that the artist Craig Wylie called 'hyperreality'.

I wonder how he approaches a project of this scale, how he breaks it down into achievable parts, how he stills his mind to focus on every single small detail and also how he determines when it is finished and done.

Often my clients tell me that they are overwhelmed by all the details in their lives, the clutter that takes up all their energy, time and focus. They are not as effective as they want to be.

Together we take stock and carve out some thinking time so that they can see the big picture again. And usually, it's when they are at their busiest that they find our sessions the most useful.

As a senior leader, where are you spending most of your time? If you would like to see more of the big picture, get in touch here and let's create that thinking time.