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AI… playing god?

By 05 December 2018December 7th, 2018No Comments

Wow… this is when ethics become real.

I’ve always felt an equal level of excitement and unease about AI. There are amazing opportunities and possibilities that machines and technology can help us with. But there are also a number of risks around taking humans out of the equation.

This example of the driverless car (and I’m sure there are others) takes the argument to the extreme, because the bottom line is that machines will ultimately have been programmed to make a decision around who lives and who dies. Wow.

And in the rush to finish the coding, when the project is up against the deadlines, money is running out, investors are screaming and everyone is stressed, not sleeping enough and overworked, how many errors will slip in? And in the need to deliver, will the testing phase be squeezed? Sound familiar?

Luckily our projects usually don’t involve such high risk products, where the stake is quite literally life or death. But the need to be focused, think clearly and see the bigger picture is essential for all of us.

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