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case study

case study: Susan’s story

By 09 October 2023No Comments

“There is so much wisdom in Ingrid’s Break Through Your Clutter course. I thought it would be a step by step de-cluttering exercise for the house. Instead I redefined what “clutter” meant physically, mentally, emotionally, digitally, and socially.


I gained a new sense of agency over how I live my life. The material includes well researched, well documented evidence-based research. Ingrid has a firm command of the subject material and consistently coaches us in ways I was able to add to my “life toolbox”.


I was surprised by how easy it became to shift how I approach the “things I want to do” every day without feeling overwhelmed. As a result I am kinder to myself and others. I have watched my fellow course-takers become lighter and change their lives for the better. 


My friends have noticed that I am happier, more at peace, content and am accomplishing more. Ingrid’s commitment to us includes a support call every month which inspires me to keep applying these learnings. The materials are so well written and full of information, I keep reviewing it for deeper insights. This course has truly been a “life-changer” for me and I am so grateful that Ingrid created it.”


Susan C.