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what are your clutter words?

  Today I had the priviledge of running a development session for a group of experienced coaches. We talked all things clutter, and what gets in the way of our work, our clients, their work, their system. I like to start my sessions by asking delegates what their clutter words are, and below are their …


Met this fellow today whilst on a walk with some colleagues. We had spent the morning discussing social change on a local level, and took a break to re-energize the brain. Space matters to our creativity and effectiveness, and if there is any greenery near you, try and visit it as often as possible!

in a bubble

I love seeing what new products are being developed, and here is one that particularly caught my eye! (https://panasonic.net/design/flf/works/wear-space/) This device from Panasonic is designed to shield the wearer from surrounding noise and visual distractions. It creates your own little personal space in busy and crowded environments, like in open space offices or public transport. …