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tool: the mountain

By 26 July 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments

When we are stuck in all our clutter, one of the things we completely loose sight of is the bigger picture. We are caught in the minutiae, in the detail, and there is data all over the place coming at us from all directions.

When we are in that place of busy-ness, all we can think of is keeping on going to get those items ticked off the to-do list. We are on a treadmill that just keeps moving at an ever increasing pace.

Even if it is the hardest thing to do, the most effective way to break the cycle is to stop, move away into a different space, and literally take a step back to observe our situation from a bit of a distance.

Imagine yourself on a mountain top looking at the valley far in the distance. Those small roads, houses, cars and people are all the detail that you’re stuck in. This distance gives you a new perspective of your situation.


From your vantage point on the top of the mountain, ask yourself:

  • what actually matters?
  • what direction do I want to be going in?
  • what is the first thing that I can do that will start moving me in that direction?

It is only when we gain some distance from the clutter that we can see more clearly again. So find your equivalent of a mountain top and step off that treadmill for a moment!

Do it right now.